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The KJV Desktop Bible Book 2.2

Read the KJV Bible Book in a different way
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Read the KVJ Bible Book on your desktop, customize its interface and change the text size as well as the color. Search through the book using the search facility.

The KJV Desktop Bible Book presents a very original and nice way of reading the bible on your computer. The program features an attractive and easy to use interface. It is also rather customizable, it allows users to change the text size and highlight color. The program also includes a search function that enables users to easily select a certain page, book, and chapter, or simply search for a specific word or phrase in all the bible, or just in the New Testament or Old Testament. Users can also add any paragraph to the bookmarks by simply clicking on the desired paragraph with the right mouse button.
It would be great if the application included a possibility to read the Bible in full screen and an option to copy/paste a selected text. Changing the text size takes a few minutes. The buttons to go to the next or previous page, as well as buttons combinations, pressing on which the user should be taken to the next or previous chapter and book, do not work, so I had to go to the search function and entered the number of the page I needed.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Nice user interface
  • Bookmarks and search function


  • Has a few bugs to fix
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